Outdoor Safety

Thinking about safety may not be the first thing on your mind when you, your family and friends head outdoors to hike, ski, or snowboard on the North Shore mountains.

Even the best weather can change rapidly and you may take a wrong turn on a trail and become lost.

Be prepared and take a little extra with you, just in case.

Visit North Shore Rescue for tips on what to take with you to stay safe outdoors.

Summer Heat

Stay Safe in Summer

Most of the time, high temperatures are welcome. Summer heat means trips to the beach and outdoor activities, but hot, sizzling heat, and humidity can be demanding.

The human body normally cools itself by sweating, but in extreme heat and humidity that's not enough. Perspiration doesn't evaporate easily on hot and humid days, and that means the body must work harder to maintain a normal temperature.

You may find yourself breathing rapidly, feeling weak, faint, confused, or you may have a headache. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can follow and hot temperatures can also worsen existing health conditions.

Learn tips on safety during extreme heat!

Click here.