Emergency Preparedness Week

Emergency Preparedness Week

May 1-7, 2016

The three North Shore municipalities are prepared for emergencies. We have all-hazard emergency plans including events such as earthquakes, which we will activate if any of our communities are threatened or impacted. NSEM works closely with the municipalities to develop and maintain these plans and provide training to municipal staff so they are prepared to respond. NSEM also maintains an Emergency Operations Centre with trained municipal staff that we will activate if there is an emergency. This facility will provide support to the emergency responders responding to the effects of the emergency.

Emergency Preparedness starts with each of us. We all need an emergency plan that includes having supplies at home. If you have no power, do you have supplies in your house that you can use? Do you have family, friends or neighbours that you can help and who can help you? It is important to know your personal support network to help each other.

Learn more about emergency preparedness by signing up for one of our workshops. http://www.nsemo.org/content/sign-workshop.

IBC ShakeZone

North Shore Emergency Management has partnered with the Insuance Bureau of Canada to bring the ShakeZone Earthquake Simulator back to the North Shore.

Starting during Emergency Prepardness Week, this amusement park like ride will give you a realistic simulation of what its like to experience a magnitude 8.0 Earthquake.


Watch for the IBC ShakeZone at the following locations on the North Shore:

May 4th 10AM-4PM: Dollarton Landing Business Park, District of North Vancouver

May 13th 11AM-1PM: John Lawson Park, District of West Vancouver

May 13th 5PM to 10PM: Shipyards Night Market, City of North Vancouver

We hope to see you there!